New Package Options!

Summer's Here - Time to "Slim Down"

If you've been visiting our page (obviously for our totally awesome and original photos), you might notice a new page called Package Pricing.  Over the last few months, we've decided to make a couple of changes to streamline the booking process, all in an attempt to make things easier on you, my lovely consumers.  Read on for more info.


Instead of offering pricing on a sliding-scale, we are giving you all the information upfront, allowing you to choose from (currently) three separate packages.  What does this mean for you?  It means that rather than wait to hear back on how much this is going to cost you, you know going in what you're going to pay.  It also means that all the awkward money-exchanging takes place upfront, so no uncomfortable conversations and we won't be hounding you for payment (as if we would anyway....not our style!).  It also means that we can now take your credit card payment directly through the website, so no down time while you wait for your check or money-order to arrive.  Instant gratification - I love it!

Packages Designed for Your Travel Needs

So what are the packages that we're offering?  Well, right now, you can choose from three basic packages:

Our simplest package is called Go with the Flow.  This package is designed for travelers who like to do exactly that- go with the flow.  Do you prefer to wander around town, eating and sightseeing at your leisure?  Do you like to explore on your own and just blend into another culture?  This is the package for you, then.  We will find you the right lodgings and flight, as well as any local transportation that you will need, and the rest is up to you.  Like all of our packages, you will also receive a detailed dossier of information about the area you are visiting- local attractions & specialties, regional cuisine, historical facts and monuments, etc.  You are in control, but we will arm you with the info you need.

Our next level package is called Point Me in the Right Direction.  This is our best value package.  It includes finding your flight, lodgings, and local transportation, just like the Go with the Flow package, but it also includes activities for your and your travel companion(s).  This is kind of where we shine, and really the whole purpose of our business.  Remember, we started this business to help plan personalized vacations and honeymoons for our travelers, promising the same attention to detail that we'd give our own vacations.  We get to know you via your preferred communication method (phone, email, text, Skype, FaceTime, you name it), and we find activities that YOU will enjoy.  Are you into art and culture?  We'll scope out the local museums and galleries, and put together an itinerary that reflects your love of the arts.  Maybe you like craft breweries?  We'll find you the best ones to visit, with the best munchies afterwards!  Are you concert junkies?  Let's plan your trip around a local music festival and you can check out some killer music!  These are the kinds of activities that maybe aren't the first thing that comes to the average traveler's mind when they are planning a trip, but it absolutely is the first thing that occurs to us.   After all, Expedia can find you a cheap flight and hotel, but they're not going to think to plan an excursion to the see the cave paintings at Lascaux for an anthropology major or a trip to the 6th Floor Museum for a JFK-conspiracy lover. 

Finally, our highest-level package is called the Mission Control.  This is our best and most-detailed package available.  It includes everything in the Point Me in the Right Direction, as well as research on and reservations at (if available) restaurants and cafés near your lodgings and activities.  No guessing if you're going to be happy with your meal- we will sift through hundreds of reviews to find you the perfect pancakes and most delicious daiquiris, and we will provide you with maps so you don't get lost and end up at the wrong Ray's Pizza.  We both know you don't want to waste time doing all that research, reading between the lines of reviewers who actually know what they're talking about versus reviewers who've clearly never been out to eat before in their lives.  Just let us take care of that.  

Additionally, we offer the option of saving a credit card on file with us so that we can handle all of the booking for you.  This is an optional convenience service offered to you to ensure that we can book the flight for the price that we are initially quoted, as airfare and hotel rates can vary almost daily.  Credit cards and all corresponding info (names, DOBs, billing addresses, etc.) are kept literally on file - on a handwritten hard copy in Carey's personal safe, way out in the middle of the Colorado woods - and destroyed by literal fire upon completion of our booking process.  You give us all of this information over the phone, and it is never entered into a computer.  This is the best way to guarantee your absolute privacy and utmost protection of your personal information.  No hackers can get at it, and when we've completed your bookings, we will send you a video of "the burning" so you know for a fact that your personal identity is safe with us.  Seriously, Carey lives in a forest with zero neighbors, so ain't no one gonna get your info on her watch!

As we mentioned above, each package also includes a detailed dossier of information about the area you are visiting- local attractions & specialties, regional cuisine, historical facts and monuments, etc.  Will you need a visa?  Is English spoken by a majority of the locals?  Are there areas to avoid (too touristy or maybe not-so-friendly to tourists)?  Is there a local specialty that you must try, like carbonara in Rome or a lobstah roll in Beantown?  We do all the research and give you a concise, yet detailed, report of where you are calling home for the next few days or weeks.  

Let's Get Exploring!

We hope that these changes can help make life even easier for you!  Click on our Package Pricing link in the About navigation menu up top and simply add your package to the cart.  If you're unsure which package makes sense for your needs, that's NO PROBLEM!  Just give us a call or shoot us an email, and we can help you evaluate your needs and travel style.  We do not do, condone, or even tolerate high-pressure sales, so you never have to feel like we are going to gouge you for your money.  If you think you want the full Mission Control treatment, but we think that you should spend half that and go with Point Me in the Right Direction, we will tell you and encourage you to spend less.  This isn't about the money for us; it's about making sure that you have the trip you've always dreamed of!  After all, the new American dream is making a living doing what you love, and for us, this is it.