Photo credit: Larissa Welch,  We the Light Photography

Photo credit: Larissa Welch, We the Light Photography

I Now Pronounce You...

As you probably already know, flowers and dresses aren't the only thing that can cost a pretty penny when you're putting together the perfect wedding.  The wedding industry is a billion dollar industry, and everyone from your florist to your caterer to your mom's friend who makes "just the cutest little boutonniere pins" wants to cash in!  

We don't believe that just because you're getting married, you should have to be swindled by every Tom, Dick, and Harry who hears "wedding" and increases his fee by 1000%.

That's why we offer low-cost officiating services to couples getting married in Colorado, including minimal travel expenses.  

We also offer special discounts to couples getting married in the High Country (Breckenridge, Vail, etc).  

I am a certified officiant and reverend through the Universal Life Church, and to-date have successfully performed over a dozen weddings for some very happy couples.  I am LGBTQ+ friendly, and with the landmark Obergefell vs. Hodges Supreme Court ruling, I am beyond ecstatic to start spreading the love around!  

Give us a shout today to inquire about our officiant rates!