New Service Available for Colorado Couples!

I Now Pronounce You...

If you've been poking around our site lately, you might have noticed a new page- Officiant Services!  That's right!  We are now offering affordable officiant services to couples getting married in Colorado (and you might be able convince us to travel a bit, depending on where to...).  

Big Money in the Wedding Industry

As the new page lays out, weddings are a billion dollar industry, and quite frankly, we know that it's stressful and expensive to get hitched these days!  That's why Carey got herself certified as a real-life minister and performs weddings on the cheap.  There is no reason, in our minds, why an officiant should cost upwards of $1000.  That is insane, and yet that is exactly what some officiants will try to charge you.  

Is This Legit?

Of course it is!  As a certified reverend for the Universal Life Church, Carey is authorized to perform weddings, funerals (though I won't, sorry), even hear confessions.  Heck, she could start her own church if she was so inclined (I'm not).  As for the legality of the ceremony, this is a legally recognized marriage, as long as you have obtained your marriage license prior to the ceremony.  Go to this link to see the stipulations for marriage licenses in the state of Colorado.

Do You Perform Same-Sex Weddings?

You bet we do!  Thanks to the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision, we can perform marriages for any consenting couple, however which way you and your partner choose to define it.  As Hamilton composer Lin-Manuel Miranda put it best, "Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love."  So let's spread the love!  

So How Do You Book Us?

Okay, so unlike our normal travel packages, this service is performed on a sliding scale.  We factor in where you are getting married, if we will need to stay the night or make multiple trips, and we will give you a customized quote.  We also offer a special discount to couples getting married in Park, Summit, or Eagle counties.  Just send us an email or give us a call at 469.396.4601 and we will put together your custom quote.  


And that's about it, so let's get you lovebirds hitched!