Why You NEED Our Services

Look, we know that there is nothing that we can do that you can't do yourself, right?  

But that's kind of the point.  You can do this, you just don't have the time!  Time is a precious commodity, juggled between kicking ass at work, being present for family and friends, tending to your pets, rocking your hobbies, staying in top shape, cooking healthy and wholesome food for yourself...I mean, just typing that is giving me anxiety!  It's no wonder most Americans aren't taking the vacation time they deserve, and when they do, many opt for the "staycation" (i.e. staying home to do all the chores piling up on your to-do list).  Sure maybe you'll use that time to go check out a new restaurant or museum exhibit in town, but much more likely, you're gonna take a week off to do laundry, mow the yard, and reorganize your bathroom.

That is exactly why we do what we do

We know you want to go on a fab vacation, and we know that you simply do not have time to plan one.  And who can blame you?!?  It's time consuming to plan a vacation.  Reading through hundreds of reviews, researching activities that pique your interest so that you aren't wasting precious time-off in a strange locale, getting to know a new culture and gastronomic landscape...this all takes lots of time.  On average, it takes us about 15-20 hours to really plan an amazing vacation.  Do you have a spare 15 or 20 hours just laying around?  Yeah, I didn't think so.  I mean, if you did, you wouldn't need this vacation so badly, am I right?  

Treat Yourself

Our parents' generation had travel agents who took care of transportation and hotels, but because every generation is just a little bit better, we take it a few steps further.  We find your transportation and lodging, and we also find you restaurants you will like, activities that you will enjoy, and we provide you with some background information on where you're going, so that you can rest easy knowing that you're going on vacation armed with all the information you could need to have the best time of your life.  We learn about who you are, what you like, and how you like to travel, and we create an itinerary perfectly tailored to you.  

Don't you deserve that kind of attention to detail?  We think you do.  :)