It all started because one bride wanted to go snowboarding for her honeymoon


Our Story

So there I was, in 2012, planning my wedding.  I had all the details in place- colors, dress, venue, caterer, know the drill.  But one thing was still not settled- the honeymoon.  My husband-to-be and I had decided that we wanted to go snowboarding.  We thought it would be a fun way to celebrate our nuptials, plus we both love to travel during the winter!  Unfortunately, there was no help online to plan a honeymoon like that, just a bunch of snarky dudes insisting that "your wife won't want to do that".  But yes I did, and wasn't a honeymoon supposed to be about doing what the couple wants?  It got me thinking, "What about those of us who want to do something outside of the box?"

I started working on this idea, talking with friends who also love to travel, and the question became clear, "What if there was such a thing as a vacation planner, in the same sense as a wedding planner?  Someone who can take the stress of planning a detailed vacation away from stressed out and over-worked would-be travelers?  We tell you who needs to be paid what, but when you get there, everything is already planned out and you can just kick back and enjoy yourselves." 

Hoosier Pass

So that's exactly what we do

You set your budget.  You tell us where you want to go, how long you want to stay, and a general timeframe of when you want to go.  We set to work and research the area, finding the perfect lodgings, activities that will pique your interests, and delicious restaurants nearby.  We compile a dossier of information, including local transportation instructions, tips on getting by like a local, weather forecasts and what to pack, even maps to help you navigate airports, train stations, bus routes, etc.  The best part?  Everything is planned with you in mind, and you get final say on everything, so you know before you go that you are headed toward the trip of a lifetime!  For more ideas, check out some of the vacations that we've already planned on our Sample Trips page.