Before Your Duo Becomes a Trio (or a Quartet)

Cool water on swollen ankles... HEAVEN!

Cool water on swollen ankles... HEAVEN!

Babymoons are all the rage NOW!

You've heard of a honeymoon, but have you heard of the "babymoon"?  It's a last solo trip before your new bundle of joy arrives, and it's all the rage with millennial parents.  And why not?  Traveling with your kiddo will never be easier than while he or she is in utero- you can take them anywhere, nap time happens without any fuss, and feeding is a direct line from your mouth to their stomach.  Plus, you're eating for two, so you can feel free to splurge at mealtime without the guilt!  

Don't let pregnancy brain stifle your adventure!

Again, this is where we come in!  Tell us where you want to go, and let us handle the details.  We'll find you transportation, lodgings, and activities, and we can even create a down-to-the-minute itinerary, if you want, that way the only thing you have to worry about is showing up and having fun.  We'll even make sure there are plenty of bathrooms nearby for the constant potty breaks, preferably near some tasty chocolate shops!